Tuesday, 20 January 2009

We All Cant Stop Talking about,,,

Louis Vuitton's Stephen Sprouse tribute 2009 collection!!
It was
launched in Jan. 9 along with collaboration of Marc Jacobs as the Artistic Creative Director who reinterprets two motifs that best represent the legacy of Stephen Sprouse the Graffiti, and the Rose. . revival of Stephen Sprouse's '80s punk-aesthetic,,, The '80s-inspired collection which consists of two iconic Sprouse motifs, the graffit and the rose and the motifs are screen printed on Monogram canvas in into Day-Glo shades of pink, green and orange over the Monogram print also from wide range graffiti of scarf with Sprouse’s iconic print in neon green, as well as this keychain. “The motifs are featured on Vuitton’s Keepall, Speedy and Neverfull bag styles, as well as basketball sneaker boots, pumps, sunglasses, headbands and wristbands, and small leather goods like wallets and coin purses also includes a mackintosh raincoat with a graffiti and monogram lining, graffiti leggings and a long-sleeve neon minidress featuring the rose design.... The much talked - Collection to be released worldwide on February2009 ....
The HOT Marc Jacob's Pic in Harper's Bazzar magzine,,,


Lovesample said...


I love the blog

about the Louis bags are they available in UAE already cause It's not in the boutiques yet

and how much would the speedy in Dhs ?

* FuchSia FaShioniya * said...

Hey Lovesample, thank you =D

yea, they are since feb. or end of january..
probably between 2000 something,, all Lv's speedy bags are between that.

Lovesample said...

Thank you so much dear <33333

then I can't wait to get my hands on one ^^

I dont buy LV but this collection is off the hook <33 the collaboration was brilliant,dont you think ?

another thing is your blog is awesome , I love ur topics and discussions are brilliant
you're sure one of the best Emaratee fashionista <3

* FuchSia FaShioniya * said...

Love sample : You should, it's probably cause it's a bit unusual and if you do,, yetrab fe 3ezach xD

aww, thank you sweety. am flattered =)
but am Omani-ya, but am sure proud to be one of the GCC's and living in UAE too =D

MonMon ♛ said...

ohhh GOd i searched all LV boutiques i want these grafttti loafers =""(