Monday, 5 January 2009

An Advice for a Life time…

" Learn from your MISTAKES " and Yes, am still talking about Fashion!

Take it from a person who had...
1.Went through a hair color Disaster , it looked like someone spilled Mixed cocktail juice on it *hey it was in-style back then* lol 
2. Shamfuly, Once wore sock’s with closed sandal’s *I was way ahead of fashion for people to know that* lol =Pp
3. Owned a pair of colored Round contact glasses * excuse moi, I was trying to make a statement* !
I’ve Lived and created “Fashion-Crimes”.
Truly Admit,

But you know what theses mistake’s made who I AM Today!

Other Thing I’ve Noticed And Talking from an experience, As you all know getting a designer Item or Purchase can be Sometime’s Expensive or a bit off the budget. But They are just Damn Worth IT. So maybe your not able to afford them at the moment but Who said anything about checking them OUT!

Like one day long time ago after school, me and one of my close friend were in the mall, so we passed by a Designer Shop after insisting on her to give it a quick look at least it and she instantly replied: What’s the point? what we have right now, Won’t even get us a bag with it! after a slight debate, easily she gave in at the moment we laid a glance at the window displays of LV monogram Damier Azur - Canvas Speedy bag ... but back then it was still a New release and certainly limited Collection!  

The point is Keep your self updated with everything in Fashion No matter What. So Don’t be Afraid to be A Stand-Out, Unique and Dare to WEAR ;)

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