Monday, 5 January 2009

Bless The Brain Cell’s That Created " Hermès "

Whether it was their up to 6 month to 1 year "long waiting list" Birkin order's or the authentic leather Horse Supplies; not mention the Kelly’s and Birkin's world-wide have been arm candy to many royalty members and famous celebrities. That multi-franchised French Boutique *Hermès* is  Exquisitely Marvelous =D

Certainly, they take Leather hand-made goods to a New Level ;)

It’s Enough to say That their Croc. Birkin’s are one of the most expensive bag’s in the world!

Ever wonder what’s the secret behind.. is it the because thier stock in trade of both street vendors around the world and certain Upper East Side boutiques are Economically high or the Great feeling of having a hand-made Leather Birkin lavishly resting on your arm?!

But Victoria Beckham seem’s to be religiously wearing them in All Shape's, Kinds and Colour’s!

Meeeh Don’t care Lucky, I HATE her for that -_- !

But Look's like V.B is not the only Hermès fan ... Who isn't anyway?

Katie Jordan leopard Birkin and I loved Eva's Hot Pink * Fuchsia* Birkin.



what jordan is wearing is a fake birkin .. I read it while ago in a website .. & it really dnt look like a birkin 2 me >_<

Mazmouz said...

I like the one Eva Langoria's wearing. Is it really fake? Hehe

* FuchSia FaShioniya * said...

Sorry again, lool am still not good at figureing out how do we check il comments in the blog. My Bad.. Just saw them.

SERENDIPITY: reeaallyy,, 5assrra it Look's Unquie though.

Mazmouz: Well,am not sure right after what i've heard lol But i mean why wouldn't she get a real one. right?!

sylvana said...

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