Monday, 26 January 2009

The Day in Bride's Sister Dairy.

(part 2)

It was a cold, sunny January Friday . I woke up in room full of girl's " sister's and cousin's" we were in two or three room's opposite each other of 8 girl's or 9 including me, We couldn't believe it's * The DAY*. it was the family breakfast that had us all together me, sis's, my parent's, cousin's, my aunt in one table then we went to check my Big sister " how was her Stress level"... teeet it was a wanna- be cool acting fine loool but it wasn't only her, we were all stressing!! everyone went to check their stuff, taking turn's for a bath, praying il thoher prayer's and getting ready to hit the Beauty Salon. My other big sis called them to make sure for reservation for 9 or 10 hair, make-up.. etc and nagging at our head's " girl's ya banat at 1 am leaving to the Salon... BE READY".

At 1:30 on the way to the salon, we decided previously it was fun to go all together in the 4x wheel and the consequence's was me and my cousin hayooma squashed in the back of my sister's GMC, even though were stressed out of time and sleepy but Mertabsheen excited with Loud music on and gossip's of all over today's to happen.
we are there on time at 2 more like we kinda opened the salon lool the place was full of Al Mughairy's & relative's Bunch by then... my aunt who's living in UK came along with my small four cousin's and my other two emariti cousin's planned to meet us there. so like always am the last.. i cant help it am picky lool i found out the who's good, who's bad whether make-up or hair stylist between. So i started with my Hair.. told her I don't care do anything as long it work's well with my * Tiara* but i had in mind.. a Puffed front placed with Tiara and long wavy hair end's. Tip #3: Don't over-accessorize if your having your hair down with Tiara or pulling it up over-done Bonn hair style. so i styled my hair down and puffed up front with Tiara and just kept the the earring's, ring/bracelet because it was too much with hair style, necklace and the dress.
It's Make-up Time "most I.m.p" to me... I bit the make-artist's head off with things and instructions ,,, First i asked for Foundation Base color to match my skin medium-colored well cause I'd rather look tanned then being too white " it look's like i sucked the life of a flower wheat powder" talking from a previous * the Engagement Look Experience *.
Tip #4: Always try to get your own Foundation Base and make sure they know how to mix it on your skin.
She even knew that i don't like the over lining the eye's with black, since my eye's small she draw the eye with black and kept it open in the end's and i asked her to line the eyelid's inside with white eyeliner to make it look bigger* old trick*. she started mixing the color's pale pink with light purple and gold eye shadow's so nicely and kept it simple in way "Not too much" but the fake eyelash's a must-have it totally flatters your eye's but keep it medium length "So natural it may seem".
By now it was Dawn il maghrib we rushed back it was getting late and we split to two car's my sis's and aunt's and reached home at like 7 or something, went up stair's and here the Screaming start's: "aaa... where is my earring's", "ya alla 5arabtlli my hair", "agoool eman ween hathak il Lipgloss", blaa blaa "7ad yaskrlii my dress Zipper" or "shit thaya3t my heel's where is it"... I took a moment and looked at all of them the fuchsia, olive-green, red, purple, classic black, turquoise, gray leopard print, peachy orange, beige/gold dress's around and all i could say is: Mashallah.. we all Looked Gorgeous =D.
I called at my maid saying: "Teeeikkkaa,,, Ba5rteelle 3abyatii" miskeena poor her 6afarnaha, so she bought il bo55oor for all of us to ba55aar and 9 girl's in the same place it filled the air with ba55or scent all over the room.
Tip #5: If you are wearing Colored Lens's, don't go near the bo55oor or keep your eye's closed while ba55aring.
We went downstairs it was a full house. us, my aunt's, my small o shabab cousin's and my Dad was there in his Omani ma99ar and deshdasha... Ouiii Handsome Daaddy xD So all of us gathered around for pre-wedding family picture's.
Tip #6: Take a picture before the event, party, wedding because til then your hair will be messed up and your make-up started2 fade... so take a good picture while you can. ;D

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