Monday, 19 January 2009

(part 3)

Omgg,,, it's 8 something and we are still not there yet!! even though it's 15/20 min drive away from our house but we've three car's got lost and took a road leading straight to Dubai because of my ahbal cousin miskeen lool but we manged to reach the ballroom il Qa3a Safely. We arrived there on time even though we should have been their the first to "Welcome Guest's" but no one noticed i guess =Pp. One thing you should know about us * khaliji wedding's* it's not mix and all female's (girl's, laddyy's, old women,,, you name it) but at one point it's actually more comforting and fun at the same time.
a first thing Eman would do is take off the abayah o sheila throw it at the seat in our big front reserved table by the koshaa side and then,,, I Hit The DANCE FLOOR =D we went on dancing, shaking hand's with people, neslam 3ala flana o laughing with friend's, family and old ladies staring telling you : " kabartii ya eman, mashalla 3arossa" lool baaall am still 16,, ba3d il 6areeg 6aweel =Pp and then there was this women... wearing maroon with gold patterned Dress which flattered her bright green eye's, that was *Mom* I saw her between the guest's greeting, i went up to her and hugged her tight and I told her: " I love you, weinch ya marra matenshfeen missed you" she laughed with stressed looking face i replayed back: "Ert7ii, you look Gorgeous methal banatch".
So we went upstairs to take photo's with the Bride before the hair and make-up disaster occur, all of us * shelat banat* got inside her suite,,, she was there my sis il Bride in front the mirror with my aunt fixing her wedding gown and mom doing her 6ara7a veil, you can hear the aww, amazed wide eye's,,, and i couldn't agree any less She looked Beautiful, gorgeous and different, Yeaa different because she's more of the natural, simple lay down Type. we took coupla picture's with her, i whispered in her ear's " shaklech 6alla3a gomar,,, ya 3arossa", " Teff Teff min il 7asad" lool She was too stressed, nervous but looked at me with big smile of hers.
Later the moment came * the Bride's Entrance* My big sister, my sister the Bride... Walked down the hall's aisle along the tune's of Mohammad Abdo song "3aroosat il thiaa... (8)" looking preetty, gomar with my mom and aunt along her side but her spontaneous smile i could tell she forget her stress and tension, i looked back i saw my sister Azza,,, it was soo expected since she's more of the sensitive type and tear's came down, i tried to ease her but it wasn't just her bass my big sister's best friend, cousin's and auntie's... aaaghh I need to clam my self down first before i join the crying parade, think of something " I am not running my Make-Up, which i spent an hour on, plus the tissue is half-way through the next table" Tadda It WORKED... take it as Tip #7. although my Sister eyed us with worried look bt filled it up with her big bright smile till the koshaa...
The night went on, everyone is happy, complimenting the bride, mingling with people,,,, Now back to the dancing, meeting different people, spreading wide smile's, taking picture's bas 6ab3an sha3rre kaash, make-up badda2 ye5trab and my leg's is getting tired min il roaming around and the dancing continuously then finally il dinner was served baas i dint care... why?!
Tip #8: Don't eat too much, if your planning to dance all night long. so just water/light juice and have small bite's of snack would do much because eating then dancing will make your stomach heavy specially ma3 * il khaliji food* and off course while dancing take of your heel's as soon as you can...
By mid-night or close to 12, announcement came from from the DJ saying: "if your covering, cover it up and if your happy cheer up cause the Groom il Me3ras is about to enter" il 7areem labsso 3abayt-hom o sheil-hom o am still ba3dnee adwar 3ala 3abaytee kal 3ada Lool. The Groom entered happy, excited along with my Dad and his Dad,,, reached to my sister gracefully o read il fata7a before yasheel il 6ara7a, they exchanged ring's and you can hear people cheering and greeting the newlywed's, the blessing's "Allah yabrak fe 7ayatkoom, God bless your marriage", later on other men came... my uncle's, cousin's, the groom's side men and we all started chatting, nesthbal 3ala ba3th, taking picture's again...
5ala9 it was late at night were reached home with half-eye open, tired leg's and crashed into the bed,,, e7m e7m some of us slept with make-up, tasreee7a and dress on =Pp
Tip #9: take your make-up, wash your face and have bath if you weren't that dead by that time, a good make-up remover is Johnson & Johnson 3-in-1 pH5.5 Face Wipes.
The Next day, i woke up looking like ZOMBIE... Sha3rri Metkash, Make-up saye7 o 7alti 7alla, re7t straight ahead to the bathroom, My god sho kena ta3bneen min yesterday's ba3deen i went down stair's all my cousin's, aunt's packing,,, aaahh it's time for them to go back to Oman.. I hate Good bye's =( my sis and her husband later on came to wadda3 us before leaving to Maldives for *Honeymoon*, so it's goodbye's and am gonna miss them all.
Now the House is kinda empty back again,, Just me, my parent's, my two sis's, our maid Teika and our fat lazy cat Jack...

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