Monday, 26 January 2009

The Bride's Sister Dairy...

(Part 1)

The day were it hit right in the face.. Tomoorrow is your Big Sister's Wedding!!!
Thought's drifted all along from.. " my Big sister my OWN Sister getting married,leaving the house, new guy in the family, a pregnant sis, being an Aunt.. etc" run through my mind since the day I've heard about the engagement but today those is actually to-be happening.
Blurry vision, red nose and hot sensation from inside.. oO yea I think that was tear's stuck in my eye's, mix of all happiness, joy, sadness tears all together.
Were are Four Close Sister's with * no brother's* thaankk god.. =Pp am the Youngest between them have it own benefit's with the fact that it come's along with word * daloo3at il beet* awiina 3addd =Pp next to it lool But i feel am the emotional, spoiled abit, hyper active type and mix of all my three bigger sister's character's. the Biggest *who's married by now* is the bossy but wise, concerned, caring sis and the 2nd second is more independent type, outrageous a bit ilee e6l3aan wayed lool and the 3rd third which the funny, fun o dayman nesthbal wayed ma3 ba3th but ME 4th as the Last get's all the privilege of that.. Yaaaayy!! not to mention buying stuff and spending on me part.. lool Suree we fight, share wardrobe's, nag on each others, advice, hit and slap in some case's lol and tell each other day to day I-Cant-Hide-from-You Action's.. We are like a Pack of fOur sister's which am blessed 2 have =D so if one is changed... Still the same isn't?!
So short little time So much to be prepare!! going through my mental check list stuff to be done.. the dress, accessorize , shoe's...etc.

  • The Dress and accessorize : it was hell of story one week before the wedding and still haven't found a dress yet but i was determined two thing's lazim while looking it was FUSCHIA and TIARA gelt I don't care i have to and eventually I DiD =D with help of hayoof i got a long dress it was a n unknown shade of hot pink with gold design's at front so i decided to claim it fuchsia to satisfy myself lool and got a light pink, gold accessorize and small crystal gold blinged Tiara.

Tip #1 Dont get a dress unless you try it on first "off course" but keep it simple to give the hair and make -up place to fit in the woow impression.

  • The Shoe's : that was the easiest since my dress was long so it wont show, i need a comfy one i got a light gold and pale pink heel's from Vinnci, that shop has a extra feel-comfortable heel's pad or something in damn Reasonable price's... Trust me =D
  • The abyah (3bya),sheila and bag: since i don't wear 3abya that much " i haven't thought about it much about it there was no time to get one" I know am so last moment .. fa i found a Gold and light Brown crystallized in Sleeve's end of the abayah along with three line's in the sheila... Thank god it wasn't any shade of pink or fuchsia cause it would been too matchy matchy so light brown was the closest and suited gold very well..

The Bag or should i say clutch... because Tip #2 : Never or probably Always try to get/wear to party's, event's or wedding's... their small and handy and keep the necessary's in it like mobile, lipstick/gloss, eyeliner, hair pin's, small mirror and tissue believe me lol that would do not that any of them would notice these stuff's it's just for the in and out and sometime through the wedding.

And all of this came to my mind or more of analyzing this week upside down while i was doing my 7enna.. it was at 9 or 10 night with my sis's and cousin's, we were soo damn sleepy, tierd after il actionat ile 9artnllanna sa7 hayooma =Pp and running out time we needed our beauty sleep for tomorrow. But this was thing and * I Hate HENNA * is salfa thaniya... I swear if it wasn't for my mom nagging at me and khaliji tradition's aaagh loool

Tip # 3: wear somthing or any 3abya loosee with sleeveless shirt under it while doing your henna and do it two day's before the day so it can catch that lovely deep color.. belive me it help's!!
to be continued...

The Day in Bride's Sister Dairy.

(part 2)

It was a cold, sunny January Friday . I woke up in room full of girl's " sister's and cousin's" we were in two or three room's opposite each other of 8 girl's or 9 including me, We couldn't believe it's * The DAY*. it was the family breakfast that had us all together me, sis's, my parent's, cousin's, my aunt in one table then we went to check my Big sister " how was her Stress level"... teeet it was a wanna- be cool acting fine loool but it wasn't only her, we were all stressing!! everyone went to check their stuff, taking turn's for a bath, praying il thoher prayer's and getting ready to hit the Beauty Salon. My other big sis called them to make sure for reservation for 9 or 10 hair, make-up.. etc and nagging at our head's " girl's ya banat at 1 am leaving to the Salon... BE READY".

At 1:30 on the way to the salon, we decided previously it was fun to go all together in the 4x wheel and the consequence's was me and my cousin hayooma squashed in the back of my sister's GMC, even though were stressed out of time and sleepy but Mertabsheen excited with Loud music on and gossip's of all over today's to happen.
we are there on time at 2 more like we kinda opened the salon lool the place was full of Al Mughairy's & relative's Bunch by then... my aunt who's living in UK came along with my small four cousin's and my other two emariti cousin's planned to meet us there. so like always am the last.. i cant help it am picky lool i found out the who's good, who's bad whether make-up or hair stylist between. So i started with my Hair.. told her I don't care do anything as long it work's well with my * Tiara* but i had in mind.. a Puffed front placed with Tiara and long wavy hair end's. Tip #3: Don't over-accessorize if your having your hair down with Tiara or pulling it up over-done Bonn hair style. so i styled my hair down and puffed up front with Tiara and just kept the the earring's, ring/bracelet because it was too much with hair style, necklace and the dress.
It's Make-up Time "most I.m.p" to me... I bit the make-artist's head off with things and instructions ,,, First i asked for Foundation Base color to match my skin medium-colored well cause I'd rather look tanned then being too white " it look's like i sucked the life of a flower wheat powder" talking from a previous * the Engagement Look Experience *.
Tip #4: Always try to get your own Foundation Base and make sure they know how to mix it on your skin.
She even knew that i don't like the over lining the eye's with black, since my eye's small she draw the eye with black and kept it open in the end's and i asked her to line the eyelid's inside with white eyeliner to make it look bigger* old trick*. she started mixing the color's pale pink with light purple and gold eye shadow's so nicely and kept it simple in way "Not too much" but the fake eyelash's a must-have it totally flatters your eye's but keep it medium length "So natural it may seem".
By now it was Dawn il maghrib we rushed back it was getting late and we split to two car's my sis's and aunt's and reached home at like 7 or something, went up stair's and here the Screaming start's: "aaa... where is my earring's", "ya alla 5arabtlli my hair", "agoool eman ween hathak il Lipgloss", blaa blaa "7ad yaskrlii my dress Zipper" or "shit thaya3t my heel's where is it"... I took a moment and looked at all of them the fuchsia, olive-green, red, purple, classic black, turquoise, gray leopard print, peachy orange, beige/gold dress's around and all i could say is: Mashallah.. we all Looked Gorgeous =D.
I called at my maid saying: "Teeeikkkaa,,, Ba5rteelle 3abyatii" miskeena poor her 6afarnaha, so she bought il bo55oor for all of us to ba55aar and 9 girl's in the same place it filled the air with ba55or scent all over the room.
Tip #5: If you are wearing Colored Lens's, don't go near the bo55oor or keep your eye's closed while ba55aring.
We went downstairs it was a full house. us, my aunt's, my small o shabab cousin's and my Dad was there in his Omani ma99ar and deshdasha... Ouiii Handsome Daaddy xD So all of us gathered around for pre-wedding family picture's.
Tip #6: Take a picture before the event, party, wedding because til then your hair will be messed up and your make-up started2 fade... so take a good picture while you can. ;D

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

We All Cant Stop Talking about,,,

Louis Vuitton's Stephen Sprouse tribute 2009 collection!!
It was
launched in Jan. 9 along with collaboration of Marc Jacobs as the Artistic Creative Director who reinterprets two motifs that best represent the legacy of Stephen Sprouse the Graffiti, and the Rose. . revival of Stephen Sprouse's '80s punk-aesthetic,,, The '80s-inspired collection which consists of two iconic Sprouse motifs, the graffit and the rose and the motifs are screen printed on Monogram canvas in into Day-Glo shades of pink, green and orange over the Monogram print also from wide range graffiti of scarf with Sprouse’s iconic print in neon green, as well as this keychain. “The motifs are featured on Vuitton’s Keepall, Speedy and Neverfull bag styles, as well as basketball sneaker boots, pumps, sunglasses, headbands and wristbands, and small leather goods like wallets and coin purses also includes a mackintosh raincoat with a graffiti and monogram lining, graffiti leggings and a long-sleeve neon minidress featuring the rose design.... The much talked - Collection to be released worldwide on February2009 ....
The HOT Marc Jacob's Pic in Harper's Bazzar magzine,,,

Monday, 19 January 2009

(part 3)

Omgg,,, it's 8 something and we are still not there yet!! even though it's 15/20 min drive away from our house but we've three car's got lost and took a road leading straight to Dubai because of my ahbal cousin miskeen lool but we manged to reach the ballroom il Qa3a Safely. We arrived there on time even though we should have been their the first to "Welcome Guest's" but no one noticed i guess =Pp. One thing you should know about us * khaliji wedding's* it's not mix and all female's (girl's, laddyy's, old women,,, you name it) but at one point it's actually more comforting and fun at the same time.
a first thing Eman would do is take off the abayah o sheila throw it at the seat in our big front reserved table by the koshaa side and then,,, I Hit The DANCE FLOOR =D we went on dancing, shaking hand's with people, neslam 3ala flana o laughing with friend's, family and old ladies staring telling you : " kabartii ya eman, mashalla 3arossa" lool baaall am still 16,, ba3d il 6areeg 6aweel =Pp and then there was this women... wearing maroon with gold patterned Dress which flattered her bright green eye's, that was *Mom* I saw her between the guest's greeting, i went up to her and hugged her tight and I told her: " I love you, weinch ya marra matenshfeen missed you" she laughed with stressed looking face i replayed back: "Ert7ii, you look Gorgeous methal banatch".
So we went upstairs to take photo's with the Bride before the hair and make-up disaster occur, all of us * shelat banat* got inside her suite,,, she was there my sis il Bride in front the mirror with my aunt fixing her wedding gown and mom doing her 6ara7a veil, you can hear the aww, amazed wide eye's,,, and i couldn't agree any less She looked Beautiful, gorgeous and different, Yeaa different because she's more of the natural, simple lay down Type. we took coupla picture's with her, i whispered in her ear's " shaklech 6alla3a gomar,,, ya 3arossa", " Teff Teff min il 7asad" lool She was too stressed, nervous but looked at me with big smile of hers.
Later the moment came * the Bride's Entrance* My big sister, my sister the Bride... Walked down the hall's aisle along the tune's of Mohammad Abdo song "3aroosat il thiaa... (8)" looking preetty, gomar with my mom and aunt along her side but her spontaneous smile i could tell she forget her stress and tension, i looked back i saw my sister Azza,,, it was soo expected since she's more of the sensitive type and tear's came down, i tried to ease her but it wasn't just her bass my big sister's best friend, cousin's and auntie's... aaaghh I need to clam my self down first before i join the crying parade, think of something " I am not running my Make-Up, which i spent an hour on, plus the tissue is half-way through the next table" Tadda It WORKED... take it as Tip #7. although my Sister eyed us with worried look bt filled it up with her big bright smile till the koshaa...
The night went on, everyone is happy, complimenting the bride, mingling with people,,,, Now back to the dancing, meeting different people, spreading wide smile's, taking picture's bas 6ab3an sha3rre kaash, make-up badda2 ye5trab and my leg's is getting tired min il roaming around and the dancing continuously then finally il dinner was served baas i dint care... why?!
Tip #8: Don't eat too much, if your planning to dance all night long. so just water/light juice and have small bite's of snack would do much because eating then dancing will make your stomach heavy specially ma3 * il khaliji food* and off course while dancing take of your heel's as soon as you can...
By mid-night or close to 12, announcement came from from the DJ saying: "if your covering, cover it up and if your happy cheer up cause the Groom il Me3ras is about to enter" il 7areem labsso 3abayt-hom o sheil-hom o am still ba3dnee adwar 3ala 3abaytee kal 3ada Lool. The Groom entered happy, excited along with my Dad and his Dad,,, reached to my sister gracefully o read il fata7a before yasheel il 6ara7a, they exchanged ring's and you can hear people cheering and greeting the newlywed's, the blessing's "Allah yabrak fe 7ayatkoom, God bless your marriage", later on other men came... my uncle's, cousin's, the groom's side men and we all started chatting, nesthbal 3ala ba3th, taking picture's again...
5ala9 it was late at night were reached home with half-eye open, tired leg's and crashed into the bed,,, e7m e7m some of us slept with make-up, tasreee7a and dress on =Pp
Tip #9: take your make-up, wash your face and have bath if you weren't that dead by that time, a good make-up remover is Johnson & Johnson 3-in-1 pH5.5 Face Wipes.
The Next day, i woke up looking like ZOMBIE... Sha3rri Metkash, Make-up saye7 o 7alti 7alla, re7t straight ahead to the bathroom, My god sho kena ta3bneen min yesterday's ba3deen i went down stair's all my cousin's, aunt's packing,,, aaahh it's time for them to go back to Oman.. I hate Good bye's =( my sis and her husband later on came to wadda3 us before leaving to Maldives for *Honeymoon*, so it's goodbye's and am gonna miss them all.
Now the House is kinda empty back again,, Just me, my parent's, my two sis's, our maid Teika and our fat lazy cat Jack...

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Next Season's.. Prediction?!

Well i know were still in Winter season.. "Ankle boot's, Hot chocolate, Thick Bold Coat's, Colored Scarfs..etc." ahh a truly lovely weather!
but Purple had a STAND-OUT as the season's color ;) conquering from outfit's to designer run way's.. and i wasn't a big fan of Purple but surprisingly this season's made fall in love with it <3 
anyways but i have this feeling and a strong feeling that is *for Screaming Out Loud* FUCHSIA and the sister shade's of Hot Pink & Magenta's is gona be S/S '09 all Over Runways... yaaaaaaaay!
Should i keep my finger's crossed for that prediction.. ehh?!

Monday, 5 January 2009

It’s Not about the *Price Tag*

I sweaarr.. It just Pisssst Me OFF!!!

Those *self determined show off’s* who don’t get it, they ruin the concept of a creative mind made fashionable piece by saying :-

I bought this Expensive Bag for a Bla Bla Bla more then 4 digits Dhs Price

And you try to it ignore and make it sound better to your ear’s by asking, so where did you get it from and which designer collection?!

Ohh I got it biii Dhs, OMG it's Like SoO afffffordable

They go Deaf by The thought of you getting impreseed after cocking-ly announcing their Purchase price! 

Well Excuse-Me maybe or probably, am speaking on Be-Half or the Majority of people who have been Victim’s of this kind of SNOBBY Blabber's.
Darling, I DON’T CARREEE biii how much you bought it *Unless after a face reshape result of glancing the Jaw-Dropping Item you’ve got.. Then HELLL yea! I wanna know about the of the thing which I can afford to have my HAND’s on it Soon ;)Till then excuse me il be asking you without you randomly volunteering to Brag it out on US Publicly!

Basically My Point is,An fashioned Piece Item is not WOW or mesmerizing by its Price tag… It’s about the look and Quality"  

Sometimes I would buy an amazing savvy River Island, Forever 21 and Aldo's Big Bag rather then an designer tank top, just to have it's designer name shown up-front my cloths which is possibly at the Same Price. So Don’t Go blind... Be fashion wise ;)

Pray for Gaza <3

We Are All Arab's and We share the Hurt and Agony with Gaza <3
our prayers is the least we can offer and God is the merciful !

اللهم عبادك المستضعفين في غزة تجبر عليهم اليهود الملاعين والمنافقين الحاقدين اللهم فانصرهم على أعدائهم وفرج كربتهم وارحمهم ، اللهم من يجيرهم سواك ومن يرأف بهم إلاك اللهم بك نثق وبقوتك نؤمن اللهم شرد اليهود والمنافقين واشدد وطأتك عليهم اللهم شتت شملهم واجعل تدبيرهم تدميرهم يا الله يا الله يا ذا القوة والملكوت ليس لنا رب سواك يا ملجأ المستضعفين دمر الصهاينة وآلاتهم ولا تذر منهم أحدا ومن عاونهم يا قدير يا جبار سبحانك تقبل منا دعائنا واحم أعراضنا وثبت أقدامنا وانصرنا على القوم الكافرين وردنا لدينك ردا جميلا يا أكرم الأكرمين
الهم احفظ واحمي وانصر اهلنا في غزه وابعد عنهم الضرر وانصرهم على اعدائهم ونجيهم ربي انت عالم مافي غزه وانت القادر على كلشي فا ارجو منك ان تحمي اهل غزه الهي استجب دعائي
اللهم إليك اشكو ضعف قوتي وقوة اهلي في غزه وكل المسلمين، وقلةَ حيلتنا ، وهواننا على الناس يا أرحم الراحمين . أنت رب المستضعفين . وأنت ربنا .. إلى من تكلنا وتكل اهل غزه وكل المسلمين ؟ إلى بعيد يتجهمنا .. أم إلى عدوٍ ملكته أمرنا ؟؟
إن لم يكن بك عليّنا غضبٌ فلا نبالي .. غير أن عافيتك هي أوسعُ لنا .. نعوذ بنور وجهك الذي أشرقتْ له الظلمات ، وصلحَ عليه أمر الدنيا والآخرة أن يحلّ علينا غضبك ، أو أن ينزلّ بنا سخطك .. لك العتبى حتى ترضى .. ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بك .. اللهم انصر المسلمين يارب وانصر اهل غزة وفلسطين يارب العالمين انصرهم ياكريم يالله وهد اعداء الاسلام والعرب يالله باذنك يارب
اللهم إن المجاهدين في (غزة )وغيرها ،حفاة فاحملهم ، و عراة فاكسهم و جياع فأطعمهم . اللهم إن ( فلسطين) من العسر ، والضنك ، والشدة ، والكرب ، ما لا يعلمه إلا أنت و ما لا يقدر على كشفه غيرك .
اللهم رب السموات و الأرض ، لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك وبحمدك ، نستغفرك ، ونتوب إليك ، ونبرأ من حولنا وقوتنا إلى حولك وقوتك، ونضرع ونلجأ إليك لا ملجأ ولا منجا منك إلا إليك اللهم إنا ضعفاء فقوِّ في رضاك ضعفنا ، وخذ إلى الخير بنواصينا ، و اجعل الإسلام منتهى رضانا ، اللهم إنا ضعفاء فقونا ، و إنا أذلاء فأعزنا، و إنا فقراء فأغننا يا أرحم الراحمين. آمين ، آمين ، آمين

دعــاء علي العدو**
اللهـــــــم منُزل الكتـــــاب ، سريع الحساب اهزم الاحزاب ، اللهـــــم اهزمهــــــم وزلزلهم
Ameen Inshallah.

Bless The Brain Cell’s That Created " Hermès "

Whether it was their up to 6 month to 1 year "long waiting list" Birkin order's or the authentic leather Horse Supplies; not mention the Kelly’s and Birkin's world-wide have been arm candy to many royalty members and famous celebrities. That multi-franchised French Boutique *Hermès* is  Exquisitely Marvelous =D

Certainly, they take Leather hand-made goods to a New Level ;)

It’s Enough to say That their Croc. Birkin’s are one of the most expensive bag’s in the world!

Ever wonder what’s the secret behind.. is it the because thier stock in trade of both street vendors around the world and certain Upper East Side boutiques are Economically high or the Great feeling of having a hand-made Leather Birkin lavishly resting on your arm?!

But Victoria Beckham seem’s to be religiously wearing them in All Shape's, Kinds and Colour’s!

Meeeh Don’t care Lucky, I HATE her for that -_- !

Google Me Baby =Pp

Call me -holic, Addict and FREAK next to the word coming next in these lines’s but I Don’t Care!


Am a Google-holic, Google-addict, and Google-FREAK!

I Google everything or anything possible thought pass a cell in my brain, Anytime and Anywhere.

Like really.. As soon as my Moziila firefox pop’s up opening from the first tab what do you seee?
A GOOGLE home page * actually, my FireFox settings already programmed to do that* lol
My Point is, It’s been there for me in Good and bad times from a Copy-paste School research lol * at least, I admit That *… to My Own Personal Blog TADAA =D

I’ve learned to Do an A* or B * a copy-paste case * School re-searches to appreciating a exclusive Hermes Leather hand made Birkin *heart* leaked Behind the scenes info.

So let’s take a moment to appreciate Google for the knowledge it spread to millions, All the time and Every where!
 You had my BACK and Today I owe you soo much for that *sniff sniff* Dear  Google <

Yours Faithfully,
1# Google Fan.

THE Vintage Classic Chanel Bag *Sighh*

Aaaahh… What More can I Say about it, It’s Chanel and Vintage!! Need to say more?

Well it all Started back then in UAE National day holiday... when we had *Zayed and The Dream * Staff Meeting 'e7m e7m' Which worked very hard in * ballash fathye7* =P but it was a great experince working there.
the point is, I had to pick up My adorable Friend "HayoOF" and Embarrassingly, i couldn't’t Stop stearing at her Bag all the time.. It was a Vintage Chanel Bag =D

Seriously, the over all look was elegently classic! Since I don’t know for some reason I thought Big bag’s suited Abayah and sheilah garments look More but certainly I’ve changed my mind after i have seen. plus Come on who wouldn't Love it <3
So defiantly Classic Vintage Chanel bag’s are BACK!

Since am the type of * bigger better* bag’s Lover but am telling you, Classic Vintage Chanel bag is an INVESMENT!

An Advice for a Life time…

" Learn from your MISTAKES " and Yes, am still talking about Fashion!

Take it from a person who had...
1.Went through a hair color Disaster , it looked like someone spilled Mixed cocktail juice on it *hey it was in-style back then* lol 
2. Shamfuly, Once wore sock’s with closed sandal’s *I was way ahead of fashion for people to know that* lol =Pp
3. Owned a pair of colored Round contact glasses * excuse moi, I was trying to make a statement* !
I’ve Lived and created “Fashion-Crimes”.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Ankle/Shoe Boots <3

Get Them A.S.A.P before end of this Season's A/W '08 '09 ! They are Amazingly trendy by Different Designer's and Varied Color's, * you can't Stop loving them*. Whether their ankle/shoeboot in Elegant Black, Metallic Grey or electric Blue; it would be "cheery on top of the cream" If I just can find them in RED *siighh* 

Fuchsia Fashioniya.. Here It is =D

Finally... 7umdella Mab’3gheeet!

I wouldn’t have imagined at this Certain nerve racking graduate-to-be, up-tight timing and stressful Senior High School Student (proud to say that). I would have my own FASHION Blog!!! “too Excited much?” lol

This Blog is like my personal Space to share and discuss fashion, beauty, latest Trend’s, Celebrity gossips and personal point of view about life, culture, society... etc. I’ve always been known as blabber mouth *swallafjiiyia* 24/7 lol I mean I have like soo much to say, soo much to talk about and mostly related to fashion but now I can feel in my own heaven of chatter *sigh*!

Fashion is born by small facts, trends, or even politics, never by trying to make little pleats and furbelows, by trinkets, by clothes easy to copy, or by the shortening or lengthening of a skirt”... (Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn thing.) “Gore Vidal”

So Dress to Express and Impress... ;) But why this name and what does it mean to me?!

Moi and I always loved colours intensely. To me it symbolizes the elements of life in its own colourful ways, It gather’s all aspects of your personality. Basically it determines and have big impact on your fashion Style, From the Bright shade’s to the darkest It’s just beautifully Exquisite. As much as I love and admire colours But FUCISHA always been my favourite colour <3>

And these were the name FuchSia FaShioniya™ came in but the part about *FaShioniya* No dear, I don’t suffer from pronunciation-spelling dyslexia lol But I wanted to improvise the 5aleeiji culture effects in it; Fashionista is just a cliché word to say but fashioniya is more like it!

Yup, I am Covered and we wear Abayaaha * Black Cloak* 3a goolthoom =P but doesn’t mean we can’t or we are not Fashionable enough... Damn Right We aaaaaaarrreee!! Long LIVE 5aleeiji Fashionista’s, So just be who YOU are and Love it =D

FuchSia FaShioniya ™ keep in touch about any suggestion’s, tips , advice’s to keep it updates!