Saturday, 21 March 2009

Men.. Would you?!

Jumper and Shorts by Hans Madsen.

Tilda Swinton.. Finally!!!

So it only took a LANVIN and Oscars Night to have a SMILE on her face.. owkkih maybe not a smile, its an exaggeration next to Tilda Swintons name; it was more like a (Grin) good enough still :)  

I swear i never seen this women in any thing other then hideous, weird, serious, structured and Flawfull lol But this time am impressed in beige draped blouse and black satin skirt, both by Lanvin.

But comparing to what she wore before (dont even let me start), its very surprisingly unusual Tilda!

So is it Oscar de La Rente or Gianfranco Ferre that's going to draw the smile across her face in upcoming years Oscars?!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Confession's of a Shopaholic &..

One of the keys to a good movie is the perfect Songs "tunes" to wrap up the Movie's Ideas, thoughts, actions and the Dramatic scenes. So i bet we all have seen it, a syndrome most Fashionista's Suffered from, While pleased to see Designer's name on RED BOLD "Sale" season across window displays and denies the fact the Economy crisis had Digged a whole in their fave Ralph Lauren's pocket Chi-Ching (credit crunchs) SHOPAHOLIC sounds familiar to it, eiih?!
Am not going to talk about the movie or a give you a review.. though (i wouldn't mind), beacuse you GOT to see the Movie yourself!
This wont give you the solution to the Problem, wont get it you to Quit Obsessive shopping or Give your Louboutin's away for Charity Case, but it has SONGS that would keep your head whizzing 24/7 listening to it a long time... (8) "talking from experince" lol
Fashion - Lady GaGa Feat. Heidi Montag.
Accessory - Jordyn Taylor. and So much more,,,
Adrienne Bailon - Big Spender
Craig David - 6 of 1 thing.

Friday, 13 March 2009

BALMAIN had The Spot light's..

Off course, I couldn't agree less about it spring/summer 2009 been their season; with the Queen's Guard-like broad shouldered jacket, that blinged up high heels (ZARA, good luck next time with making us feel better about Copying them) and Acid washed jean's. its definitely what we all have been dying for *siiigghhh*!
Check out their Runway's S/S'09..

Is it D&G's Come-Back Season ?!

The fashion duo, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana has just opened the new Spring-Summer 2009 fashion ad campaign for their D&G Collection from footwear's, dresses and other set of fashion ensembles and accessories.

Well Rumors has it Dolce&Gabbana, has been going through rough time Pre-economic crisis's, during and well am not sure about after the crisis, the Ad's would explain it all!


It's been a month and more isn't.. Haven't Blogged o Updated at all :/

Am an Emotional Person, so every Though, writing and Action is related to my state of emotions at that moment & time.. and i was more like in a (Phase of Scattered & Unknown Feelings) too many problem's and issue's were raining down on me from everywhere, showering me with depression, confusion, mistrust, Stress and Lack of Concentration!

So Exam Revision's, mistrusted friends, uncompleted assignments, lack of sleep, unapplied University paper's, Family issue's and First Final Exam plus my 17th Birthday on the Same time! We are all humans, with many problems but Don't let it get to you, trust in your self, don't rely on everyone and Look for something that would put a smile in your Face, always :) 

Fashion doesn't wait for anyone, it moves with time. But that's what keeping a cheerful Glow in my heart while flipping the Grazia page's, Dream's of Cat walking the Balmain's, Mono chroming Chanel's to school, the Breeze weather with Luella Colorful collection and fighting off the Sun ray's with MJ's... Excitingly Acknowledging those Kept me 100% Fine.

Work on fixing the Negative, if that didn't work out and you tried your best, DITCH them for the Positive's and move on =D
P.s: some of my posts had been Old-new's by now, but i had to Publishwhat i wrote at that time being but i promise so much more updated coming soon.

Jessica Alba in G.D <3

Oui mon cherie, Alba looking Tre's Chique in the Parisian designer "Gerard Darel" so-this-season Stylish designs ;)

Perhaps a Stylish Goodnight Sleep

Would you consider it an investment if it saved you time after coming back exhausted from a party and landing straight forward to your bed with D&G's Stylish not to forget multi-propesed... you dont know might work out as well for Professional look for tomorrow's Job outfit?!
"The Pajama Baroque" designed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Belt me in those LV’S!

I have three word's for it: Eye catching " Modern Tribal" with a simple LBD and its ready-to-wear S/S '09 Louis Vuitton's!

Forget about the others and Need to say more.. I'll leave with the picture's to accurate your fascination ;)



I've Laid my eye's on them the last summer in my sister's bed, it took me couple of seconds to bring out the words " really diseaterous, who's going to wear them ever".
Why judgmental Eman throwing your words on that So-this-season's (Snake leather's Bag), Poor bag but would you ever predict Snake's are going to back in fashion,,?! mm Fine yea i know i need a slap for that.
So all i have to Say is (Snakeaccessorize) all your out this Season, whether in shoe's, clutch's or Bag's..Wana see the Victim of my verbal insulting crime?!

S/S '09 Runways..

This Spring/Summer '09, the Designer's united to agree to capture the best, magnificent, multi-derived from Nude, Colorful, elegant, monochromatic and different Design's which i Truly loved and wish you had them in my wardrobes RIGHT NOW !!
check out the one's that caught eye's immediately ...
Ralph lauren
Gianfranco Ferré Celine in,,, Monochrome'sLanvin LUELLA Roberto Cavalli
Wont be caught wearing them but still they are eye-catching, Bold.. vivienne westwood's.

*Heart* Those Big Shade's <3

In every Season come's along lots of different trends, but now am talking about Sun glasses and this Spring/Summer a (round of applause) goes to Nicole Richie for keeping her Big Shade's in good & Bad time's, so Love the BIG Jackie-O's cause they are Back in Style...
Marc by Marc Jacob
BVLGARI Sun glasses
>> the side design.
Forever 21 shade's in light Brown & Black.. Big and very handy!
from Charles & Keith.. not too big and not too small.