Friday, 20 March 2009

Confession's of a Shopaholic &..

One of the keys to a good movie is the perfect Songs "tunes" to wrap up the Movie's Ideas, thoughts, actions and the Dramatic scenes. So i bet we all have seen it, a syndrome most Fashionista's Suffered from, While pleased to see Designer's name on RED BOLD "Sale" season across window displays and denies the fact the Economy crisis had Digged a whole in their fave Ralph Lauren's pocket Chi-Ching (credit crunchs) SHOPAHOLIC sounds familiar to it, eiih?!
Am not going to talk about the movie or a give you a review.. though (i wouldn't mind), beacuse you GOT to see the Movie yourself!
This wont give you the solution to the Problem, wont get it you to Quit Obsessive shopping or Give your Louboutin's away for Charity Case, but it has SONGS that would keep your head whizzing 24/7 listening to it a long time... (8) "talking from experince" lol
Fashion - Lady GaGa Feat. Heidi Montag.
Accessory - Jordyn Taylor. and So much more,,,
Adrienne Bailon - Big Spender
Craig David - 6 of 1 thing.

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