Friday, 13 March 2009


It's been a month and more isn't.. Haven't Blogged o Updated at all :/

Am an Emotional Person, so every Though, writing and Action is related to my state of emotions at that moment & time.. and i was more like in a (Phase of Scattered & Unknown Feelings) too many problem's and issue's were raining down on me from everywhere, showering me with depression, confusion, mistrust, Stress and Lack of Concentration!

So Exam Revision's, mistrusted friends, uncompleted assignments, lack of sleep, unapplied University paper's, Family issue's and First Final Exam plus my 17th Birthday on the Same time! We are all humans, with many problems but Don't let it get to you, trust in your self, don't rely on everyone and Look for something that would put a smile in your Face, always :) 

Fashion doesn't wait for anyone, it moves with time. But that's what keeping a cheerful Glow in my heart while flipping the Grazia page's, Dream's of Cat walking the Balmain's, Mono chroming Chanel's to school, the Breeze weather with Luella Colorful collection and fighting off the Sun ray's with MJ's... Excitingly Acknowledging those Kept me 100% Fine.

Work on fixing the Negative, if that didn't work out and you tried your best, DITCH them for the Positive's and move on =D
P.s: some of my posts had been Old-new's by now, but i had to Publishwhat i wrote at that time being but i promise so much more updated coming soon.

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