Sunday, 4 January 2009

Ankle/Shoe Boots <3

Get Them A.S.A.P before end of this Season's A/W '08 '09 ! They are Amazingly trendy by Different Designer's and Varied Color's, * you can't Stop loving them*. Whether their ankle/shoeboot in Elegant Black, Metallic Grey or electric Blue; it would be "cheery on top of the cream" If I just can find them in RED *siighh* 

Look Sassy in Stain Black Bruno Frisoni Shoe Boot

or This Louis Vuitton Embossed patent Leather Buttoned Ankle-Boot.

The White and Black Toed Shoe boot signfecant Louboutin’s Trademark Bottom Red sole.. Absolutely Lovely!

But THOSE Ankle Boot's *My God*  interesting STORY...

it all started when my eye's set a first glance on them while flipping through Grazia page's, there was an article about Sarah Jessica parker in SATC premier's.. *BAAM* It grabbed my attention with it's Exquisite colour, My ultimate Favorite < 3

Fuchsia C'est Moi Christian Louboutin Shoeboot ..You can find them on

and just out of curiosity, i Checked if they have my Size surprisingly they are SOLD OUT! so if your Size 39 or 7 UK.. Good luck with that Lol

below this Pic it's quite a Different Style *Loved it* there a Brown/Sandy Beige Brogue Ankle Boot.
Bought them From (Top shop)..

Or there available in Black Oxford Brogue too.

Look out for this A/W '08'09 season's latest Shoe/Ankle Boot ;)

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