Monday, 5 January 2009

THE Vintage Classic Chanel Bag *Sighh*

Aaaahh… What More can I Say about it, It’s Chanel and Vintage!! Need to say more?

Well it all Started back then in UAE National day holiday... when we had *Zayed and The Dream * Staff Meeting 'e7m e7m' Which worked very hard in * ballash fathye7* =P but it was a great experince working there.
the point is, I had to pick up My adorable Friend "HayoOF" and Embarrassingly, i couldn't’t Stop stearing at her Bag all the time.. It was a Vintage Chanel Bag =D

Seriously, the over all look was elegently classic! Since I don’t know for some reason I thought Big bag’s suited Abayah and sheilah garments look More but certainly I’ve changed my mind after i have seen. plus Come on who wouldn't Love it <3
So defiantly Classic Vintage Chanel bag’s are BACK!

Since am the type of * bigger better* bag’s Lover but am telling you, Classic Vintage Chanel bag is an INVESMENT!

am not quite sure about the fuchsia Color, defintaly don't seem like Chanel's but such a Lovely Catchy bag!  

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