Monday, 26 January 2009

The Bride's Sister Dairy...

(Part 1)

The day were it hit right in the face.. Tomoorrow is your Big Sister's Wedding!!!
Thought's drifted all along from.. " my Big sister my OWN Sister getting married,leaving the house, new guy in the family, a pregnant sis, being an Aunt.. etc" run through my mind since the day I've heard about the engagement but today those is actually to-be happening.
Blurry vision, red nose and hot sensation from inside.. oO yea I think that was tear's stuck in my eye's, mix of all happiness, joy, sadness tears all together.
Were are Four Close Sister's with * no brother's* thaankk god.. =Pp am the Youngest between them have it own benefit's with the fact that it come's along with word * daloo3at il beet* awiina 3addd =Pp next to it lool But i feel am the emotional, spoiled abit, hyper active type and mix of all my three bigger sister's character's. the Biggest *who's married by now* is the bossy but wise, concerned, caring sis and the 2nd second is more independent type, outrageous a bit ilee e6l3aan wayed lool and the 3rd third which the funny, fun o dayman nesthbal wayed ma3 ba3th but ME 4th as the Last get's all the privilege of that.. Yaaaayy!! not to mention buying stuff and spending on me part.. lool Suree we fight, share wardrobe's, nag on each others, advice, hit and slap in some case's lol and tell each other day to day I-Cant-Hide-from-You Action's.. We are like a Pack of fOur sister's which am blessed 2 have =D so if one is changed... Still the same isn't?!
So short little time So much to be prepare!! going through my mental check list stuff to be done.. the dress, accessorize , shoe's...etc.

  • The Dress and accessorize : it was hell of story one week before the wedding and still haven't found a dress yet but i was determined two thing's lazim while looking it was FUSCHIA and TIARA gelt I don't care i have to and eventually I DiD =D with help of hayoof i got a long dress it was a n unknown shade of hot pink with gold design's at front so i decided to claim it fuchsia to satisfy myself lool and got a light pink, gold accessorize and small crystal gold blinged Tiara.

Tip #1 Dont get a dress unless you try it on first "off course" but keep it simple to give the hair and make -up place to fit in the woow impression.

  • The Shoe's : that was the easiest since my dress was long so it wont show, i need a comfy one i got a light gold and pale pink heel's from Vinnci, that shop has a extra feel-comfortable heel's pad or something in damn Reasonable price's... Trust me =D
  • The abyah (3bya),sheila and bag: since i don't wear 3abya that much " i haven't thought about it much about it there was no time to get one" I know am so last moment .. fa i found a Gold and light Brown crystallized in Sleeve's end of the abayah along with three line's in the sheila... Thank god it wasn't any shade of pink or fuchsia cause it would been too matchy matchy so light brown was the closest and suited gold very well..

The Bag or should i say clutch... because Tip #2 : Never or probably Always try to get/wear to party's, event's or wedding's... their small and handy and keep the necessary's in it like mobile, lipstick/gloss, eyeliner, hair pin's, small mirror and tissue believe me lol that would do not that any of them would notice these stuff's it's just for the in and out and sometime through the wedding.

And all of this came to my mind or more of analyzing this week upside down while i was doing my 7enna.. it was at 9 or 10 night with my sis's and cousin's, we were soo damn sleepy, tierd after il actionat ile 9artnllanna sa7 hayooma =Pp and running out time we needed our beauty sleep for tomorrow. But this was thing and * I Hate HENNA * is salfa thaniya... I swear if it wasn't for my mom nagging at me and khaliji tradition's aaagh loool

Tip # 3: wear somthing or any 3abya loosee with sleeveless shirt under it while doing your henna and do it two day's before the day so it can catch that lovely deep color.. belive me it help's!!
to be continued...

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