Monday, 5 January 2009

It’s Not about the *Price Tag*

I sweaarr.. It just Pisssst Me OFF!!!

Those *self determined show off’s* who don’t get it, they ruin the concept of a creative mind made fashionable piece by saying :-

I bought this Expensive Bag for a Bla Bla Bla more then 4 digits Dhs Price

And you try to it ignore and make it sound better to your ear’s by asking, so where did you get it from and which designer collection?!

Ohh I got it biii Dhs, OMG it's Like SoO afffffordable

They go Deaf by The thought of you getting impreseed after cocking-ly announcing their Purchase price! 

Well Excuse-Me maybe or probably, am speaking on Be-Half or the Majority of people who have been Victim’s of this kind of SNOBBY Blabber's.
Darling, I DON’T CARREEE biii how much you bought it *Unless after a face reshape result of glancing the Jaw-Dropping Item you’ve got.. Then HELLL yea! I wanna know about the of the thing which I can afford to have my HAND’s on it Soon ;)Till then excuse me il be asking you without you randomly volunteering to Brag it out on US Publicly!

Basically My Point is,An fashioned Piece Item is not WOW or mesmerizing by its Price tag… It’s about the look and Quality"  

Sometimes I would buy an amazing savvy River Island, Forever 21 and Aldo's Big Bag rather then an designer tank top, just to have it's designer name shown up-front my cloths which is possibly at the Same Price. So Don’t Go blind... Be fashion wise ;)


waleed said...

I totally and completely agree with everything you said.

(sorry I just can't find any better comment now :)

Butter said...

OMG I totally know what you are talking about!
I used to have this friend in college DAAAAAMN she "goes deaf" as u said. The thing is,
il7amdilla I got everything I need and I'm known to be a Designer purse obsessed freak and beginner collector, but I never brag about the price! It's not classy and I hate it when people do it.
But I'm going to disagree with you on one thing, and i don't mean it in a rude way or in any bad way because I liked what you said; but forever21 big bags true are useful but an advice from experiece: Having a designer purse is a must, because you gotta have that purse that will always be there for you and even if the style is out still it will be YOUR designer purse. So don't get the hang of carrying Urban Outfiters or Forever21 bags that will not always be there for you. It's the genuine we want in the designer purses.
Again, don't get me wrong it's just a friendly advice. Once again, i love what you said.

* FuchSia FaShioniya * said...

Waleed : Thanx for that,,, no don't worry you said quiet enough and i agree with you =D

Butter: sorry sweety for the late replay,, am still new to the blog stuff,, dint know about the comment's lool

I do Totally agree with You actually i wasn't aware that i should point out that specifically but the Designer bag's is must-have because their never out of style and as you said there always there for you,,, Thanx for that =D
but i was pointing out the * price-bragging out * Issuee,, aggggh it's soo annoys mee lool but also i meant lame verry casual Obvious designer item's they just get them because they are expensive not handy much but any designer name & Expensive Item to label them self's RICH-STYLISH !!

Thanx Butter for the Comment/advice =)