Monday, 5 January 2009

Google Me Baby =Pp

Call me -holic, Addict and FREAK next to the word coming next in these lines’s but I Don’t Care!


Am a Google-holic, Google-addict, and Google-FREAK!

I Google everything or anything possible thought pass a cell in my brain, Anytime and Anywhere.

Like really.. As soon as my Moziila firefox pop’s up opening from the first tab what do you seee?
A GOOGLE home page * actually, my FireFox settings already programmed to do that* lol
My Point is, It’s been there for me in Good and bad times from a Copy-paste School research lol * at least, I admit That *… to My Own Personal Blog TADAA =D

I’ve learned to Do an A* or B * a copy-paste case * School re-searches to appreciating a exclusive Hermes Leather hand made Birkin *heart* leaked Behind the scenes info.

So let’s take a moment to appreciate Google for the knowledge it spread to millions, All the time and Every where!
 You had my BACK and Today I owe you soo much for that *sniff sniff* Dear  Google <

Yours Faithfully,
1# Google Fan.

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